Match Play Tournament Rules

2017 Match Play Tournament Rules


If a match has not been played by the deadline date and the two players scheduled
to play each other were not present on the deadline day, their last scorecard will be
matched by the tournament organizer to determine a winner.
The scorecard use must be a score resulting from game played during the period of
the round. If a player does not have a score posted during the round to use, then the
player who has been present during the time of the round will advance. If both
players were not present during the time allotted during the round, then they both
will be disqualified.

ROUND 1: Matches must be completed on or by 05 June 2017 32 Matches
ROUND 2: Matches must be completed on or by 10 July 2017 16 Matches
ROUND 3: Matches must be completed on or by 07 Aug 2017 8 Matches
QUARTER FINAL ROUND: On or by 28 August 2017 4 Matches
SEMI-FINAL ROUND: On or by 18 September 2017 2 Matches
FINAL ROUND: The Championship Match must be played on or by 02 October 2017


1. Matching scorecards.
2. Play each other when the teams are scheduled to play, if the schedule allows.
3. Play on a different day or even at a different golf course other than our
regularly scheduled Mondays at Water’s Edge Golf Course.
4. Handicap on the day of the competition will be used.


Any ties after 18 holes will result in first 3 holes playoff, if ties exist again, then the
next 3 holes will be used and so for until a winner is determined. Winner of ties can
be determined by comparing scorecards.

MATCH PLAY ELIGIBILITY: Any returning regular member from last season in
good standing with established league handicap.


The match play tournament is open to any player who was a member of th CPD Golf League last year or previous year with established handicap only.

Rules are as follow:

  1. Single elimination match play tournament, so once you lose your out of the tournament.
  2. Matches ate determined by bracket format with players competing against each outer and advancing through the brackets until final champion is determined.
  3. Matches between competitors can be played in person against each other or the competitors can decide that they can compare scorecards to determine the winner.
  4. The handicap on the day of the match is to be used.
  5. Specific deadline dates will be strictly adhered too.
  6. Each round must be competed on before the deadline date and if the match between competitors are not completed by then the following methods will be used to determine who advances.
  7. The scorecards of the competitors when they were both competing in the league on the same date during this season will be compared to determine the winner.
  8. The payer who has attended the most days this year during the qualifying rends o match play tournament in the league will be deemed the winner of the match.
  9. I a winner is still indeterminable than a simple coin toss will be conducted to see who advances.

Ties will settled as follows:

  • If after 18 holes tie match is tied at 9 to 9, then the competitors will play a 3 hole playoff starting on hole #1,2,3 to determine the winner.
  • If a tie still exists then they will proceed to the next 3 holes and so forth until winner is determined.
  • If after 18 holes of tiebreaker played a tie still exists, then match will be officially a tie and new match will be played to determine a winner.
  • The tiebreaker playoff is done by comparing scorecards if the players had agreed to compare scorecards.
  • If the players were physically competing against each other than they can decide if they want to competing cards or physical play 3 additional holes.